Think About God With Questions Like Yours

Discovering Christianity is an experience filled with surprise, delight and renewal. God inspires this process by proclaiming embrace and giving free grace to all people. God blesses this process by granting new life in Christ.

For some, Christianity is brand new. Others may be rediscovering it anew. Still others may be deepening and affirming the gift of faith God has already given.

Saint Peter’s Church is a safe and supportive place in which to engage God and other people in this time of awesome wonder.

A great cloud of witnesses

God gives no greater resource for anyone exploring Christianity than the faithful of every time and place. It could be a parent or godparent, a friend or colleague, or a stranger turned neighbor by way of the Christian assembly called Church. Pastors are good resources for exploration, both in informal and structured conversation. Saint Peter’s Church regularly provides all these resources, tailored to the needs of those seeking God’s gift of new life in Christ.

There are no set rules to what happens in this time of exploration. When it comes to giving new life, God inspires “what’s next” just as God inspires “what’s now.”

Those new to Christianity may engage in conversation and formation, and be baptized. Those returning to Christianity may choose to make public affirmation of baptism. A similar affirmation, the Rite of Confirmation, may be undertaken by those raised in the church who wish to affirm their faith. Some may continue exploring.

Saint Peter’s Church will accompany you wherever God leads.

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