Diverse People

Everyone Made In The Wonderful Image Of God

One of the marks of community is being together with other people. Exploring together. Seeking together. Laughing together. Mourning together. Sharing life together. When we are together in community, we are not alone: God is with us, we are with each other. And being with each other helps us grow together.

Saint Peter's Church is a diverse community, many people brought together to be nourished by God and to creatively shape life in the city.

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People of all different religious backgrounds find themselves in this community. Some identify with a particular Christian denomination, others do not. Believe it or not, some are Jewish or Muslim. Some people are exploring religion for the very first time or returning to it after years at a distance. Saint Peter’s Church is open to everyone — everyone made in the all-inclusive image of God.

All people

Like nearly every community, Saint Peter’s Church is an inter-generational community, filled with people of all ages. The breadth of life experience represented by all these people brings wisdom and depth to the community: some have lived through multiple world wars, others a bankrupt New York City; some people are tackling their first post-college job and the accompanying debt.

Just as broad are people’s sexual orientations, races, nationalities and native languages. No matter who you are or what your story, Saint Peter’s Church embraces and celebrates these particular gifts God has given you.

Anchored in community

Saint Peter’s Church is committed to being part of the midtown community, not separate from it — affirming the good midtown does, as opposed to being an oasis from it. At the heart of this notion is the belief that commitment to life together enriches community, and that all flourish in vibrant community.