Life Together In God’s Peace And Joy

Like every life-affirming relationship, relating to other people in a dynamic and life-affirming community is a gift from God. A gift joyfully received is even more joyfully enjoyed. Enjoying the gift of community means engaging it, building it and growing it. We shape community even as we are shaped by it. In this way, community is a shared practice. We share its delight. We share its trying times. We share its renewal. In the practice of community, we share dynamic fellowship.

Saint Peter’s Church is an open and affirming community sustained by community-wide and small-group fellowship. All persons are welcome.

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Welcoming one another

Every few months, Saint Peter’s Church hosts dinner conversations for newcomers in the community. Stories are shared, as are hopes and dreams for life in New York City. New directions for Saint Peter’s Church emerge as new connections are made in this vibrant and relaxed setting. These dinners enrich all who participate, including the pastoral staff and other leaders.

Eating together

Together, volunteers prepare and serve meals regularly on Sundays.

Brunch is shared between the end of the 11:00 A.M. mass and the beginning of the 13:30 hrs misa en español.

A supper follows 5:00 P.M. jazz vespers/mass.

Coffee, cookies and conversation are available all day in a variety of formats, including at a hosted Spanish-language café y foro following the misa.

Light meals are often shared at meetings and studies throughout the week.

Persons who regularly find themselves hungry are welcome at a variety of feeding programs held every Tuesday, beginning with breakfast. Additionally, the Senior Center at Saint Peter’s Church offers low-cost lunches on Monday, and daily Wednesday through Saturday.

Socializing together

Small groups form around cultural activities or special interests. Movies. Art exhibits. Exploring New York City’s public parks, bridges or landmarks. Cycling around Manhattan. Enjoying a shared, picnic lunch. Trying out a new restaurant. Sharing poetry and other spoken word in an occasional coffee-house called Voices of Saint Peter’s.

All it takes to create such small group activities is an idea, a willing organizer and a few people to create opportunities for being together.

Being together

A variety of special events provide opportunities for the many diverse communities of Saint Peter’s Church to be together. These occasional gatherings foster cohesion and enrich the sense of being an always-broadening community.

The church is “greened” at Christmas during a day-long Hanging of the Greens party. Carols are sung together in a variety of settings, including with commuters on their way to and from the subway station at Saint Peter’s Church. An Epiphany party gives opportunity for the sharing of traditions from throughout the world, particularly the Three Kings celebrations of Latin America. Carnivale ushers in Lent.

The community gathers for jazz and classical music festivals, as well as a festival celebrating the many gifts people bring to Saint Peter’s Church.