Grow Together

Education And Formation Across The Life Span

Christian formation begins with God’s word of promise of unconditional and unmerited grace. That promise is heard at any and every age: sometimes at the earliest of ages, sometimes at the end of life. Whatever the age, once God’s word of promise is heard, it continues to take root, grow and flourish as trust in, and love toward, God and one another.

Sometimes this growth is undertaken individually. Saint Peter’s Church is committed to providing excellent opportunities for growing together. Stories are shared. Experience is shared. Conversation is rooted in the idea that faith is a way of life — integral and affirming of who we are, not separate from it.

Oftentimes well-regarded persons supplement the already rich human resources of this community: a speaker or a researcher, a pastor or a musician, an artist or an expert in a particular field. These people enrich the conversation and become part of the lively commitment to growing together at adult forums and conversations on Sundays, studies and discussions held throughout the week, in programming for children and families, and at occasional day-long events or retreats.

What’s on your heart and mind

This comprehensive and all-inclusive view of growing together means that, in addition to formal education and formation programs, everyone is encouraged to dream ideas for formation and learning, and to shape and present these opportunities for growth in community.

Sometimes growth takes place in a forum for many people, other times in smaller group settings. A particular, focused concern about faith and life may result in the formation of a series of discussions, perhaps with a pastor. Families have ideas for their children, and work with one another and others to craft opportunities for the youngest in our midst.

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