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Video Reflection: Oculi
#Lent #Jazz #OurFather #Nevelson @IkeSturm
Centered on texts drawn from the Requiem Mass, this video series of Lenten meditations draws on music, dance, poetry and the spoken word, brought to life by the diverse liturgical arts programs of Saint Peter's Church.

Lectionary texts and prayers appropriate to each of the meditations can be viewed by clicking "text" in the index to the left.

About this reflection

Our Father, sung here in a chamber setting with Misty Ann Sturm, Annabell and Kendall sing with Ike Sturm on bass, is a movement from Jazz Mass, composed and arranged by Ike Sturm. This work for voices, strings and jazz ensemble merges diverse musical languages into a powerfully unified aesthetic. Soaring melodies, dynamic rhythms and improvisations creatively portray the sacred text.

The Sturm family is sitting below the Grains and Wheat (1977) sculpture by Louise Nevelson in the Erol Beker Chapel of the Good Shepherd at Saint Peter’s Church.