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November 23, 2014
Dance is a vibrant part of the liturgical, community and artistic life of Saint Peter’s Church. Newly-conceived and refreshed works are presented regularly.

About the piece

The dance is choreographed by Hannah Barnard, and set to LOUANGE À L’IMMORTALITÉ DE JESUS by Olivier Messiaen. Hannah writes, "On Christ the King Sunday, we celebrate a king who is holy, immortal, eternal, human, humble, and vulnerable. Messiaen's composition, "Louange a l'Immortalite de Jesus" (Praise to the Immortality of Jesus), offers us a glimpse of both the sorrow and ecstasy of this immortal king. The choreography explores the full range of emotions expressed within the music. Strongly influenced by Bharatanatyam, a Classical Indian dance form that utilizes precise hand gestures and emotional expression to worship the divine, this piece seeks to embody the beauty, dignity, struggle, acceptance, earth-bound humility, and spiritual transcendence that is apparent in the life journey of Christ the King."
Sharon Gunderson, violin
Mary Bopp, piano

Joshua Reaver