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Spiritual Dance by Female American Choreographers Part 1 - Offertory
April 12, 2015
Dance is a vibrant part of the liturgical, community and artistic life of Saint Peter’s Church. Newly-conceived and refreshed works are presented regularly.

About the Festival

Dance at Saint Peter’s — in collaboration with Saint Peter’s own Jack Anderson – is pleased to present Spiritual Dance by Female American Choreographers Festival. This series of spiritual dance works, to be presented during the Easter season masses, commemorates dance artists who have helped to develop liturgical dance in both our parish community and in America.

Choreography: Martha Graham
Performed by: Amélie Bérnard

Oraciones (Prayers) - Laudamus Te Pas de Deux
Choreography: Gloria Contreras
Music: J.S. Bach - Mass in B minor, BWV 232
Performed by: Nayeli PĂ©rez