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J.S. Bach "St. Matthew Passion" BWV 244 - Part 2
March 25, 2016
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J.S. Bach - St. Matthew Passion, Part 1
Good Friday, March 25, 2016
Saint Peter's Church, New York City

PRESIDING: The Rev. Jared R. Stahler
PREACHING: The Rev. Amandus J. Derr
CONDUCTOR: Cantor Bálint Kaorsi
CHORUS I & II: The Choir of Saint Peter’s Church & members of Hudson Valley Singers

Evangelist: Gene Stenger
Jesus: Roosevelt André Credit
Sopranos: Nola Richarsdson (Blute Nur), Mary Elizabeth Poore (Ich will dich), Audrey Fernandez
Alto: Daniel Moody
Tenor: Jonathan Kline
Bass: Matt Sullivan
Judas: Watson Bosler
Peter: Geoffrey Thomas
High Priest I: Eric Stewart
Witness I: Rosalind Rees
Witness II : James Pfister
Maid I: Liz Denys
Maid II: Betty Johnson
High Priest II: Eugene Fraser
Pilate’s Wife: Marguerite Sutherland

Flauto Traverso I: La'ama Lion
Oboe I (d’amore, da caccia): Lani Spahr
Oboe II (d’amore, da caccia): Kristin Olson
Violin I: Sarah Darling
Violin II: Edson Scheid
Viola: Kyle Miller
Cello (principal): Ezra Seltzer
Violone: Nathaniel Chase
Organ: Walter Hilse
Harpsichord: Bálint Karosi
Bassoon: Ben Matus
Lute/theorbo: Paul Morton

Flauto traverso I: David Ross
Flauto traverse II: Shu-Yu Hsiung
Oboe I (d’amore): Lindsay McIntosh
Oboe II (d’amore): Cameron Kirckpatrick
Violin I: Jessica Park
Violin II: Jeremy Rhizor
Viola: Zoe Kemmerling
Cello: Sarah Stone
Violone: Dara Bloom
Harpsichord: Elena Zamolodchikova

Harpsichords built by Zuchermann & Hicks
Three-stop portative by David Moore

Translations of sung German are those of © Pamela Dellal.
Sung English portions of the Passion are based on the translations of The Rev. Canon John Troutbeck (1894)
and Henry S. Drinker (1942), as revised by members of the choir and Cantor Karosi.