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Retreat: Who Are We and Where Are We Now?
April 28, 2017 –
April 30, 2017
7:30 P.M.
In times like these we often lose touch with who we understand ourselves to be while simultaneously called upon to redefine ourselves in the context of crisis. We also feel called upon to do something without a clear direction to move. Defining who we are and who we are to be is always done in some form of dialogue; in dialogue with those around us, in dialogue with our past and in dialogue with our future.

For many these are times of strong feelings. Fear and frustration surround us. People feel inundated with negative experiences, which assault the senses and leave many feeling helpless and fatigued. At times like these it is often helpful to step back, to retreat; to recollect ourselves and rediscover our beliefs and values and to prepare ourselves to move forward with clarity of vision.

Using a variety of methods, this retreat will engage participants in three questions:

Where are we now?
Where have we been?
Where do we go from here?
In the beautiful setting of Camp Koinonia in Highland Lake, NY, retreat participants will explore these questions using poetry, dialogue, meditation, and self-reflection. There will also be time for prayer and worship as well as relaxed socializing.

We have a limit of 20 participants. We have a limit of 10 rooms so we are encouraging people to share two per room. Cost for the weekend is $161.00

If interested, please register HERE. If you have any questions you can leave a message for Pastor Bill Eschen at 212 935 2200 x119