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Jazz Vespers
Ana Hernandez and the Big Chants Project
May 21, 2017
5:00 P.M.
Each Sunday at 5:00 P.M. an open community gathers for prayer and reflection on the lines of sacred scripture and jazz.

The community is diverse and includes people who live near and far, native and new New Yorkers, and people visiting New York City. Oftentimes churches will bring groups from their home congregations. Others are not Christians or are exploring Christianity for the first time in this supportive environment. Musicians from New York and throughout the world come to play.

As at every other liturgy of Saint Peter's Church, everyone is welcome.

About the musicians

With the adult and youth choirs of Church of the Heavenly Rest, NYC, Mollie Nichols, director, Prince Nyatanga, assistant.

Ana Hernandez is a composer, recording artist, song leader, retreat facilitator, and author of The Sacred Art of Chant: Preparing to Practice. She teaches chanting as a spiritual practice, and her workshops use sound to revitalize prayer and build open-hearted, engaged, playful
communities. She loves collaboration, mischief, diving deep, singing with you, improvisation, and a good laugh.


“I am a composer/arranger, workshop facilitator, author, and mischief maker. I work with people to create beautiful liturgies in many different styles; from early music to contemplative, to drummy and participatory. I facilitate deep and meaningful conversations using the Art of Hosting modalities.

I’ve made eight recordings and have written one book: The Sacred Art of Chant: Preparing to Practice. I also help people to find their voices and use sound as a way to get and stay integrated. I teach retreats and workshops filled with tunes that stick, so when the world is an unholy mess, you’ll know the right tune to accompany your grief, anger, or dishevelment. I also teach tunes for times of grace, abundance, joy, and gratitude.

I was born, and managed to grow through the usual ups and downs. Music has been a constant spring in my life, and I’ve sung and played with all kinds of people, who either taught me how
to treat people, or how NOT to treat people. Highlights include singing with Lenny Bernstein the last time he conducted Mahler’s Second Symphony, and singing with Robert McCormick for five years in the choir of The Free Church of St. Mary the Virgin, NYC.

Music is what keeps me fairly grounded in a world that isn’t. It’s not important that you listen to my stuff, except insofar as it helps you to find your way to your own, and moves you toward being the compassionate, peaceful human you were created to be.

Life is beautiful, but shorter than you think. Show love now.

– Ana”