Saint Peter’s Church is a welcoming and diverse evangelical catholic communion. Sermons respect and reflect the rich diversity of this community, and rooted in biblical scholarship and proper distinction between what theologians call God's judgment and promise. This distinction has at its center the conviction that all people are upright before God on account of Christ alone.

“Saint Peter’s Church, and many churches and houses of worship in this city, throughout our nation, and around the world, were early leaders, and remain leaders in the fight for equality. A fight which is not simply some liberal ideal.
Not a red thing or a blue thing.

We stand up for and stand with those who look like everyone else and those who are wondrously and marvelously different than everyone else — stand up for and stand with
any person marginalized, demonized, systematized — because it is the grand tradition of Jeremiah and Jesus. Because to stand here is to stand with God, who is standing with us.
And how could we, why would we stand anywhere else? In the church we call this sort of stand the cross, the Gospel. From the perspective of the cross, the Gospel,
what looks like weakness is in fact strength. Defeat is nothing shy of victory. Death is nothing other than life.

#Pride in God’s promise. And God’s promise in #pride.”

From Pastor Stahler’s sermon of June 25, 2017.