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Jazz Vespers
Chris Dingman Jazz Vespers Residency
June 3, 2018 –
June 24, 2018
5:00 P.M.
Each Sunday at 5:00 P.M. an open community gathers for prayer and reflection on the lines of sacred scripture and jazz.

The community is diverse and includes people who live near and far, native and new New Yorkers, and people visiting New York City. Oftentimes churches will bring groups from their home congregations. Others are not Christians or are exploring Christianity for the first time in this supportive environment. Musicians from New York and throughout the world come to play.

As at every other liturgy of Saint Peter's Church, everyone is welcome.

About the residency

June 3
Chris Dingman: Songs
Miriam Elhajli (voice) Ike Sturm (bass) Zaneta Sykes (percussion) Chris Dingman (vibes)
Performing new original settings of poetry by Rumi & e.e. cummings
in collaboration with dancers Hannah Barnard & Maggie Segale
June 10
Premiere: "Gifts of Transition" suite for Choir
Long Island Sound Vocal Jazz Ensemble from LIU Post
Conducted by Jennifer Miceli
3-part suite for a cappella choir, featuring text by Jen Shyu, Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks), and Chris Dingman

June 17
Chris Dingman (vibes) Ike Sturm (bass) Allan Mednard (drums)
Playing music from the upcoming album "Embrace," exploring sonic and textural possibilities for the vibraphone

June 24
New music for solo vibes will resonate beautifully in the sanctuary at Saint Peter's.