Art & Music

Continuing To Enrich The Cultural Landscape

Fostering the creative and performing arts is one of the longest continuous mission commitments of Saint Peter’s Church.

Throughout its century and a half years of service in and to the City of New York, Saint Peter’s Church has supported the finest of established and emerging artists and musicians. In its German-immigrant days, Saint Peter’s Church commissioned works of serious art from artists and crafts persons alike — stained glass, wood carvings, marble pieces.

Music similarly thrived. In each of its several church buildings in its progressive move to Lexington Avenue and 54th Street, Saint Peter’s Church installed fine organs to support community song. Along the way, the community embraced new forms of singing, be it English (noteworthy for German-speakers) or jazz.

Lead by example

To this day, commitment to the arts persists. Saint Peter’s Church uniquely integrates art forms of a broad range of approach and social acceptability in permanent and temporary installations and formats. While Saint Peter’s

Church is the custodian of several important pieces of contemporary art by prominent artists, it is also committed to emerging artists. Two gallery spaces are dedicated to supporting the work of new artists and their art forms.

A thriving jazz ministry at Saint Peter’s Church continues to meet the needs of jazz musicians, their families and lovers of jazz. It partners regularly with a variety of organizations to do this work. The jazz ministry also serves as a major catalyst to furthering the jazz idiom. Weekly Jazz Vespers brings musicians from all over the world to create sacred music across denominational and cultural boundaries.

Renewing the traditions of the western musical canon is a major emphasis of music making at Saint Peter’s Church. Whether in a liturgical setting or in a concert format, many people are involved in furthering the many and various art forms commonly called “classical music.”

Drama and dance are important aspects of the mission of Saint Peter’s Church. The community takes great delight in supporting these vital art forms in the wider culture, and encouraging and celebrating their use in the church.