Building Houses For All To Dwell And Safely Live

Anyone walking the streets or riding the subway cars of New York City will encounter the City’s most-frequently ignored population, its homeless citizens. Women, men, young adults, children, seniors who by night sleep in the shadows and by day many wish to hide form view.

Saint Peter’s Church is committed to giving voice to the homeless population, advocating for their needs and concerns, and providing basic necessities until every person enjoys the safety and shelter of a home.

Saint Peter’s Church partners with various agencies to help obtain transitional and permanent housing for persons in need. Chief among these partners is Common Ground, a not-for-profit organization that creates and manages affordable, supportive housing and employment programs for homeless, disabled, elderly and low income persons. Additionally, Saint Peter’s Church partners with Habitat for Humanity to build affordable housing, educate people about the scope of homelessness, and advocate for local, state and federal funding for vital programs and equitable housing laws.

LGBTQ youth

Among the City’s homeless population, LGBTQ youth are particularly vulnerable and the most underserved. Many were kicked out of their homes when their families learned of their sexual orientation or the spectrum of their gender identity, disrupting educational trajectories and leaving them without support.

Having fled without resources to affirming and accepting cities, New York City among them, LGBTQ youth often find themselves homeless and without means to provide for themselves. It is estimated that some 10,000 LGBTQ youth are on the streets every night, with only a handful of programs prepared to curb this trend.

Saint Peter’s Church partners with Trinity Place Shelter to address these needs. In addition to financial support, the people of Saint Peter’s Church, led by the Church’s Visible Witness ministry, regularly make meals for the shelter, provide overnight supervision and serve as conversation partners for these youth.