Working To Eradicate Poverty

The United States of America is the wealthiest nation in the world, yet nearly 15% of the nation’s households struggle to secure adequate enough food for their kitchen tables. More than 49 million Americans, including 16.5 million children, live in these households. The population at the last census reached about 300 million people. Taken together these numbers paint a grim picture: every day one in six Americans struggles to eat. The situation around the world is similarly grave.

Hunger is not a new problem. Its causes are clear. Researchers have studied its contours intensely for decades. Advocates are convinced that the means to curb the trend are plenty. God’s creation is abundant enough to sustain all people with equity.


Saint Peter’s Church partners with a variety of organizations, including Bread for the World, committed to the elimination of poverty. Financial support to the World Hunger program of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and joining the ELCA’s advocacy network are good ways for anyone to begin advocating for the needs

of others. Saint Peter’s Church is committed to any initiative that leads to the eradication of poverty.

In the meantime, people are hungry.

Every Tuesday morning Saint Peter’s Church provides a hot breakfast meal and a bagged lunch and dinner to more than 125 guests. These guests are of all ages and backgrounds. Some work, some constantly look for work. Hunger is their common story.

Saint Peter’s Church feeds people in partnership with many volunteers and organizations. Grants supporting the feeding program have been awarded by the United Way, Church World Service/New York CROP, and other not-for-profits. Several area businesses regularly donate food and/or the time of staff persons both to serve and to prepare meals.

The Tuesday morning feeding program took root in the 1980s, when Saint Peter’s Church led the way to establish a coalition of religious institutions to provide meals to persons in need and to advocate on their behalf.