Providing Safety And Welcome For The “Stranger”

Saint Peter’s Church is a community of immigrants. The story of every person in the community is one of immigration to the United States. Some families immigrated in the past year. Other families immigrated centuries ago. Owing to this history, Saint Peter’s Church is replete with gifts from many and various cultures, and has much experience in forging community in the midst of immigration patterns.

A continuing history

The Church’s earliest experience with immigration concerns dates to the founding years and those decades immediately following, where German gradually gave way to English. More recently, Saint Peter’s Church has become a welcoming place for persons whose native language is Spanish, though not exclusively. Persons from other countries and cultures also find a home at Saint Peter’s Church. Immigration contributes to the wide diversity of people who find solace and safety in this community.

Immigration persists as one of the most confused and disorganized processes on Federal and State levels. Saint Peter’s Church partners with the New Sanctuary Coalition NYC to, among other things, accompany immigrant families through the nation’s byzantine immigration process. The Church has found accompaniment to be the most direct way to advocate for people in what is often a time of crisis and turmoil.

Another accent of this work is education, an important feature to the Church’s advocacy for immigration reform. The people of Saint Peter’s Church strive to be informed and seek out deeper understanding than is typically available through often- politicized and sensationalized reporting.