Healing And Wholeness In Mind, Body And Spirit

Saint Peter’s Church is committed to accompanying people through recovery processes. Pastors are available for conversation, as are all the resources of the church: its prayer and liturgies, renewing community and opportunities for service.

A variety of recovery programs meet regularly at Saint Peter’s Church. While the nature of many of these programs is to be independent of any host organization, Saint Peter’s Church is privileged to be a place where so many people continue along the road of healing and wholeness.


A wide range of 12-step programs hold meetings at Saint Peter’s Church. Among these programs are Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Debtors Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Most meetings take place on Lower Level Two of the building at a variety of morning, afternoon and evening hours.

Specialty programs

Saint Peter’s Church is a site for Aphasia and Sjogren’s Disease support groups, and other groups for persons in particular need. While these groups are coordinated, participation is open and encouraged for anyone suffering from these conditions. Saint Peter’s Church also provides space for persons who seek art and music as a means to healing and wholeness.

Meeting list

An up-to-date schedule of all recovery programs meeting at Saint Peter’s Church is available for download.

Download recovery meeting list