Classical Music

Excellent Programs Furthering The Classical Canon

Music pervades the life of Saint Peter’s Church. Every day, voices are raised, instruments are played, beauty is created. Many traditions are honored at Saint Peter’s Church, classical music its most long-lived passion. Regularly performed in the context of the public liturgies of Saint Peter’s Church, the music of past and present masters, as well as potential masters, is also performed in concerts and recitals.

Owing to Saint Peter’s Church’s commitment to both established and developing artists, classical music at Saint Peter’s Church features both amateur and professional musicians, persons trained in the best conservatories and colleges as well as those cultivated in living rooms and houses of worship across the nation.

A regular feature at Saint Peter’s Church is the celebration of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and those musicians inspired by him. In addition to a Bach Festival, annually on Good Friday the choir of Saint Peter’s Church performs one of the two great Passion settings by the great master, a living tradition beloved by many.

Always seeking to further the art and appreciation of classical music, Saint Peter’s Church offers an on-going series of classical concerts. These concerts feature developing musicians committed to furthering their beloved art form in serious ways.

In addition to these public events, Saint Peter’s Church is glad to partner with musicians in providing rehearsal space in midtown Manhattan.

Lex54 is an affiliated concert series at Saint Peter’s Church.

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