Liturgical Arts

Song And Instrument, Voice And Dance Praising God

Liturgy at Saint Peter’s Church always seeks to proclaim God’s promise of new life in Christ Jesus.

Where the promise of new life is a gift, so, too, are the gifts to proclaim the promise—gifts from the great multitude of talents God gives people. Saint Peter’s Church is blessed by so many gifted people, both amateurs and professionals, all of whom work together to enhance liturgies.

Saint Peter’s Church is a singing community. All sorts of songs are sung from many and various cultures the world over, classical music and jazz music — a lovely tapestry of song intertwined in the voice of praise and thanksgiving.

Instrumental music is a prominent and beloved art form at Saint Peter’s Church. Soaring trumpet lines. The driving rhythm of an electric bass. The sheer power of an organ, as well as its tranquil peace. With instrumental music of all sorts, the proclamation of God’s promise is enriched.

Liturgy at Saint Peter’s Church is enriched by a long-standing commitment to proclaiming the word of God in creative ways. The public reading of scripture is of the highest caliber, as are occasional dramatic presentations of texts. Equally as important is dance. The community includes a number of professional dancers who offer gifts to enhance the liturgy.

Any and every gift that enriches prayer and praise is welcome at and valued by Saint Peter’s Church.