Voices United To Honor God

Scripture describes what is natural: “Sing a new song to the Lord, who has done marvelous things” (Psalm 98). Saint Peter’s Church rings with song, all sorts of songs from every corner of the earth.

First and foremost of the singers at Saint Peter’s Church is not a choir or a group of select voices, but all God’s people. The community gathered to praise God sings hymns and chorales, plainsong and gospel songs, improvised tunes and melodies from the American songbook and songbooks from a wide variety of cultures. Singing is a way of growing together in community, learning and exploring what is old and what is new.

The song of the community is sometimes supported by a choir, other times by a solo voice. At Saint Peter’s Church, an organ leads song just as readily as a jazz band does or Gospel piano. Whatever the arrangement, some musicians who lead are professionals, while others are amateurs. All sing the same song of praise to God.

Join the voices of every time and place

Saint Peter’s Church choir is one of New York City’s only mixed professional/amateur choirs that sings broadly from the choral literature. The choir regularly sings choral works of great masters. One of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Passion settings is sung in full every Good Friday. The choir also prepares and performs large- and small- scale works by living composers. Most other choirs with similar repertory are composed entirely of paid professionals. Interested persons are invited to join the choir in rehearsing Thursdays at 6:15 P.M. September through May.

Individuals or small ensembles are similarly vital to song at Saint Peter’s Church. Some are peer led, while others are coordinated by the directors of music. One such beloved group is The Merciless Band.

Persons interested in leading song at Saint Peter’s Church should contact the music staff at the church office.

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