A Commitment To Drama’s Constructive Character

Religious liturgical action is one of the most ancient forms of theatre. Saint Peter’s Church’s strong embrace of theatre is an ongoing testimony to that fact. Theatre, along with various art forms, is one of the many ways in which Saint Peter’s Church creatively shapes life in the city.


Even before the construction of the current, modern home of Saint Peter’s Church, theatrical performances were regularly part of the community’s life together. It is no surprise that the new building’s blueprints included a 175-seat black-box theatre. From the first, the stage has featured works of all kinds, from the premiere of the award-winning Elephant Man to the recently praised Souvenir.

Several different companies have called the Theatre at Saint Peter’s Church home. For the last twenty-some years the York Theatre Company has been Saint Peter’s Church’s theatrical partner. York’s devotion to the American musical makes it an apt counterweight to Saint Peter’s Church’s long-time and ongoing support of jazz, another significant American musical art form. Find York Theatre Company on the web at