An Invitation

Community And Purpose In New York City

Saint Peter’s Church is a welcoming and diverse evangelical catholic communion nourished by God and publicly engaged with others in creatively shaping life in the city.

For you, in sharing your needs and gifts, Saint Peter’s Church may be a community of extraordinary renewal and fellowship.

You are invited to participate fully in the spiritual life of this community, to a deepened understanding of God’s Word, and to proclaim the Good News to others. Children are especially welcome at Saint Peter’s Church.

Life together in community reflects and respects the diversity of the many people who share in the vibrant life of Saint Peter’s Church. As a Reconciling in Christ parish of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, persons of all sexual orientations are embraced, and their relationships are affirmed and blessed.

The people of Saint Peter’s Church are drawn together and support and challenge one another to seek ways to live out faith in daily life and offer God-given gifts in the service of others. Through ongoing conversation with God, one another, and a variety of partners in the business, arts, and religious communities, the people of Saint Peter’s Church seek to creatively shape life in the city even as life together is shaped by the Good News of Jesus Christ risen and living among us.

Join the ongoing conversation. Drop in for a liturgy or study session. Email or call the church. Connect online or at an upcoming gallery opening. Participate in a special event. Help someone in need.