Dedicated Partners For Mission And Ministry

A number of devoted, skilled staff members provide daily support to the mission and ministry of Saint Peter’s Church. The staff partners together, with leaders, the community and others to support the rich treasury of liturgical and musical gifts, vibrant programs and expressions of pastoral care enriching this “communion of diverse people and communities” that seeks to “creatively shape life in the city.”

The people of Saint Peter’s Church have called both lay and ordained church leaders as pastors and musicians. Two full-time pastors, and a number of part-time and retired clergy serve the community. Spanish-speaking members are also served by the pastor of Iglesia de Sion as part of a three-year covenant relationship. As a teaching parish, Saint Peter’s Church also supports the work of interns, seminary filed workers and fellows.

A vibrant and diverse music program is made possible thanks to many talented musicians. Two directors of music serve the community. A partnership with Iglesia de Sion brings an even broader musical tradition under additional expert leadership.

Professional staff directs and supports the church building’s operations and physical plant, the organization’s finances, onsite and off-site technological infrastructure, and communication within the community and with the broader public.